If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or with Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan, you may submit a complaint (grievance) at any time. We will resolve your concerns within 30 days of receiving your grievance.

If you think we have made a mistake in denying your medical service, or if you don’t agree with our decision, you can ask for an appeal. You must do this within 60 calendar days from the date on the Notice of Action sent to you. We will resolve your concerns within 30 days of receiving your complaint. However, if your appeal involves an immediate and serious threat to your health, we will respond to your appeal within 72 hours. This may include loss of life, limb, or major bodily function.

How to file a grievance or appeal

You may submit a grievance or an appeal online, by phone, by mail, or in person. Please review your Member Handbook (Evidence of Coverage) for guidelines on how to file a grievance or an appeal.

Submit online grievance form
Submit online appeal form


Los Angeles: (800) 605-2556 (TTY: 711), 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


San Diego: (855) 699-5557 (TTY: 711), 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan
Grievance Department
3840 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806


Fax: (323) 889-5049

Fill out a grievance or an appeal form available at your healthcare provider’s office.

Download an appeal and grievance form in your preferred language. Note: These forms can be used for both grievances and appeals:

 Los Angeles County San Diego County

You may need to provide permission to release your medical records to your representative, or to support your case if you file a grievance, complaint, or appeal. If you find that you need to provide consent for this purpose, you may use the form below.

You may appoint any individual (such as a relative, friend, advocate, an attorney, or any physician) to act as your representative to file an appeal or file a grievance on your behalf. Please use the form below to appoint a representative to act on your behalf.


To check the status of a grievance or an appeal you've already filed, log in to your account to access your grievance/appeal status page.

I have filed an appeal or grievance, but I still have questions. 

Since many members have the same questions as you do, we have made this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, call the Customer Care number on your member ID card.


You can review your benefits through your online account. Go to to sign in or create your account. Once logged in, click on Benefits. 

You can also call Customer Care at the number on your member ID card.


You can choose to have someone file an appeal or grievance on your behalf. For example, this person could be a relative, friend, lawyer, or doctor. They can file appeals and grievances for you and ask for authorizations for you. If you want Blue Shield to speak or respond to the person filing on your behalf, you need to complete the Appointment of Representative form. Both you and your representative must sign this form. Then return it to us at the address shown on the form. Without the Appointment of Representative form, we will not be able to provide any information to the person filing the case on your behalf.  

For more information, view your Member Handbook (Evidence of Coverage).


The timing depends on your specific case. We want to do a thorough review. We may need to gather medical records, speak with your doctor, contact you, and/or consult with a specialist.

For a grievance: We will send you a letter letting you know that we received your notice of your concern within five calendar days. We will provide you with the name of the person who is working on it. We will normally resolve your case within 30 calendar days.

For a standard appeal: We will give you our answer on a request for a medical item or service within 30 calendar days for pre-service (services you have not received yet), or within 30 calendar days for post-service (for services you have already received) after we receive your appeal.

For an expedited (faster) appeal: As long as your request meets the requirements of an expedited appeal, we will give you our answer within 72 hours after we receive your appeal. We will give you our answer sooner if your health circumstances require us to do so.

For more information, see your Member Handbook (Evidence of Coverage)


The member may have used a service or requested an item that was not covered by their plan. The member may have had a treatment that was not deemed necessary or was not approved.


We can only do expedited (faster) reviews for appeals when there is an imminent and serious threat to the member’s health. This includes 

  • Severe pain
  • Loss of major bodily function
  • Potential loss of life 

You may call to check on the case. We send you a letter within five days of receiving your appeal to let you know when we will respond to you with our decision. If you have added questions or wish to send more information to support your case, please call the number of the coordinator assigned to your case on the letter. You may also call the Customer Care number on your member ID card.


That depends on your specific situation. In some cases, the law requires us to send certain communications by mail. Whenever we can, we will honor your communication preferences.


Each decision letter contains information on what your rights are and what steps you can take next, depending on your case. 


If you received a letter from us telling you that we did not change our decision, or if you never received a decision letter and it has been more than 30 days, you can:

  • Ask for an Independent Medical Review (IMR) from the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). The DMHC is responsible for regulating healthcare plans. An outside reviewer – someone who is not part of Blue Shield Promise – will provide an impartial review of your case.
  • Ask for a State Hearing from the California Department of Social Services (DSS). A judge will review your case.

To learn more about how to request an Independent Medical Review or request a state hearing from DSS, please read your Member Handbook (Evidence of Coverage).

Independent Medical Review (IMR)

  DMHC Help Center phone: (888) 466-2219  (TTY: (877) 688-9891).

  Download IMR form

California Department of Social Services State Hearing
  DMHC Help Center phone: (800) 952-5253 
(TTY: (800) 952-8349).

  State Hearing request procedures


If you need help with an appeal or a grievance involving an emergency, you may call DMHC for assistance at (888) 466-2219 (TTY: (877) 688-9891). Calling DMHC does not prohibit any potential legal rights or remedies that may be available to you.

Note that in non-emergency situations, you must first file your appeal or grievance with Blue Shield Promise prior to contacting DMHC for an Independent Medical Review. For Los Angeles, call (800) 605-2556 (TTY: 711). For San Diego, call (855) 699-5557 (TTY: 711).


We work with many groups that oversee health care. Many of them have rules to be sure that the appeals process is fair. Visit the websites listed on your appeals letter to learn more about them.


The person who filed your request (you or your representative) can call the coordinator assigned to your case and let them know. Or, you or your representative can let Customer Care know, and they will tell your case coordinator. To reach Customer Care, call the number on your member ID card. 


Submit a grievance or an appeal online

File a complaint, grievance, or an appeal.

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