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Wellness Has Evolved

Start your Wellvolution journey with the well-being assessment and Daily Challenge.

Daily Challenge

Check out this short Daily Challenge video.



Wellness has evolved!  We know we could be healthier, but life is busy and things get in the way. Introducing Wellvolution®, a well-being solution for real people with real lives. Access Wellvolution to start your journey to improved well-being.

Daily Challenge — improved  well-being, delivered daily

Daily Challenge is an easy way to include some healthy activity in even the busiest lifestyle. In just a few minutes, you can connect with friends, as you complete simple, everyday actions, on the way to a healthier you.

Well-Being Assessment — track your well-being

You can also take a confidential Well-Being Assessment to see how you score in each area of well-being. A personal report guides you to complete challenges in the areas of well-being that you want to improve.

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