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Please look at our online and mobile privacy policy to learn about how we use and share the information visitors give us on our website.

  線上與手機隱私權聲明 (PDF, 325 KB)

 Descargar la Politica de privacidad en la red y los moviles en espanol (PDF, 54 KB)

 Thông Báo Bảo Mật Trực Tuyến và Di Động (PDF, 121 KB)


Please look at our HIPAA Notice of privacy practices to learn more about how medical information about you may be used and shared as a Blue Shield of California member. You can also learn how to access and see your information.

To learn more about how your personal and financial information as a Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company policyholder is collected, used, shared, and protected, please look at our GLBA Notice of privacy practices.

Use these privacy forms to exercise your privacy rights about the health information Blue Shield of California creates, gets, and/or keeps about you, as a Blue Shield member.

If you have any questions about these privacy statements, contact the Blue Shield Privacy Office at: 

24px_Phone_blue.svg(888) 266-8080
24px_Mail_blue.svg Blue Shield Privacy Office
P.O. Box 272540
Chico, CA 95927-2540



If you have gotten a suspicious email or phone call or been sent to a phony website, please read how to report email, website, or phone scams.


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