Blue Shield Promise Cal MediConnect wants to make sure you get good care and services. We have created a Quality Improvement Program (QIP) designed to monitor and evaluate the quality, appropriateness, and outcome of services our members receive. Our QIP also helps us provide opportunities for improvement of care and services to both our members and providers.

These measures include:

  • Studies to ensure that appointments are available
  • Studies to ensure that after-hours services are available
  • Studies to measure how long patients wait in the office for an appointment
  • Facility site reviews. This includes looking at access for disabled people
  • Making sure that the network of doctors in your area fits your needs
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Doctor satisfaction surveys
  • Quality of care studies to ensure appropriate access to:
    • Well child visits
    • Immunizations
    • Cervical cancer screening
    • Breast cancer screening
    • Diabetes Blue Shield Promise Cal MediConnect Health Plan
    • Asthma Care
    • High blood pressure
    • Prenatal and postpartum care
    • Cholesterol management

You can download our Access to Care Standards, English (PDF, 61 KB) for more details on our guidelines. You can request a copy of the Quality Improvement Executive Summary by calling Provider Services at 1-877-472-4332.

QI annual evaluations/ program goals

Read the executive summaries of several of our QIPs.

Affirmative statement

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan encourages appropriate use of benefits and services and discourages underuse of them. Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan does not reward staff or doctors for keeping members from getting care.