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Premium credits are applied to November bills for market segments included in the program, with the exception of on-exchange small business (CCSB) plans, for which the credit will be applied to December bills. 
When will customers see a credit applied to their bill?
Credits will be applied to November billing statements before they are mailed or posted online. Billing cycles vary by market segment, with most mailings in the second and third weeks of the month. Customers will not receive information on the credit prior to receiving their bill. 
When will customers receive their billing statements showing the premium credit? 
Billing cycles vary by market segment, and will be available on or after the dates shown below:
Will Blue Shield extend this credit for future months?
No. This is a one-time program for premium credit applied to the November billing cycle (December for CCSB). 
What if a customer already paid their premium prior to the credits being applied? Will they receive a refund?
Credits are applied prior to the billing statements being made available. If a customer pays the standard full premium amount, the credit balance will be carried to the next billing cycle. 
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Is the credit being applied automatically, or does it require enrollment?
Premium credits are applied automatically; no action is required of the customer to receive the credit. 

How will commissions be administered?
Consistent with our existing policies, Producer Services Agreement and related contracts, Blue Shield will pay commissions based on premiums received from customers.

How will the premium credit impact my taxes?
Blue Shield is not a financial institution or tax advisor. We cannot provide tax advice. Customers should consult their financial or tax advisor.


The credit will be shown on customers’ billing statement, whether received electronically or in the mail. 

Billing statements will show a line item for miscellaneous credits and debits. They will also have messaging when accessing their billing statements online. Email and letter communications will be sent to customers receiving premium credits. 

How will the credit be reflected on a customer's bill?
The bill will show: 

Miscellaneous Credits and Debits
One-time premium credit – $XXX.XX

Will this program be made public? 
Yes. The program will be shared through the Blue Shield News Center, as well as communications to brokers, employers, and impacted customers.  

How will brokers be informed of which customers are receiving premium credits, and how much?
A general communication will be sent to all lines of business brokers with information on the program. There will not be specific communication to brokers identifying impacted customers or credited amounts. 

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Blue Shield is committed to our mission of providing access to high-quality health care that is sustainably affordable. Premium credits are one way we provide financial relief to our valued customers during the national health crisis and ensuing financial challenges.

Why is Blue Shield introducing this program now, when other carriers did so earlier in the economic fallout of COVID-19?
Blue Shield has provided financial support to customers through a variety of initiatives throughout the public health crisis and ensuing financial fallout. The Premium Credit Program is a continuation of our overall response to help ensure our customers maintain access to care.

How does this impact Blue Shield's 2% pledge?
Blue Shield of California remains committed to our 2% pledge.