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Medicare Plans

The University of California offers three health plans, administered by Blue Shield of California, to Medicare-eligible retirees:

Transitioning to Medicare Plan

How to Request Continuity of Care/Transition of Service
If you are currently under care with a provider who is not in the Medicare or Blue Shield PPO network, you can request continuity of your care. Continuity of care allows you to continue to see your current non-network provider during the course of your treatment while still receiving the network level of benefits. Examples of conditions that may qualify for continuity of care include:

  • An acute condition that has a limited duration.
  • A serious chronic condition.
  • Pregnancy, including the immediate postpartum period.
  • Care for a child, from newborn to 36 months of age.
  • A surgery or other treatment that was previously recommended and documented by your doctor to take place within 180 days of the effective date of coverage.
  • A terminal illness that has a high probability of causing death within one year or less is covered for the duration of the terminal illness.

To request continuity of care, please call Shield Concierge at (855) 201-2087.

Prior Authorization for Scheduled Treatment
If you have a condition and have been scheduled for treatment that required authorization from your former health plan carrier, it is likely that this treatment will now need to be authorized by Blue Shield. For questions about prior authorization or to initiate authorization, simply call Shield Concierge.

Transferring Your Medical Records
If you are selecting a new physician, you’ll need to transfer your medical records from your previous doctor to your new Blue Shield network physician. Your previous doctor can provide you with the instructions on how to transfer your medical records to your new doctor.

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