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Health Advocate

Support for Your Overall Health and Well-Being

Blue Shield's dedicated Health Advocate team of registered nurses provides participants with:

  • Answers about treatment options, hospitalization or dealing with a diagnosis of a chronic illness
  • Questions you should ask your doctor during your next appointment
  • Identification of potential health needs such as participation in Blue Shield's health management programs

Your Health Advocate will reach out to offer assistance to help you effectively manage your care and learn about your health condition.

Participation is always optional, and Health Advocates hold all information in strict confidence.

What do Health Advocates Offer Me That My Doctor Can't?

We know that the patient and doctor relationship is based on trust and understanding. Your Health Advocate will provide information and assistance to build upon that relationship. Many diseases and conditions can be overwhelming; the Health Advocate's objective is to address your concerns with compassion and clarity in even the most complex conditions. This includes:

  • Educational assistance and support before and after hospitalizations
  • Discussing your disease/condition and providing guidance on how to talk with your family and friends about it
  • Providing questions you should ask your doctor during your next appointment, as well as answering any questions you may have
  • Suggesting additional resources for information

For more information, please contact your Health Advocate Team by calling(866) 596-7557 or sending an email to