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Blue Shield's provider networks are among the largest in California, making it likely that your doctor and any specialists you need are already in our network.

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How to find a Personal Physician (Primary Care Physician): Search for a physician (above) and you will be directed to a new page. Then, select "Advanced Search" and type "HMO Personal Physician" in the box under "Doctor Type or Specialty".

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You can locate BlueCard providers online by clicking on the links below or calling BlueCard at (800) 810-BLUE (2583)

For more information about coverage outside of California, please refer to the Blue Shield Evidence of Coverage or EIAHealth Benefit Booklet for your health plan.

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What is an Urgent Care Center?

Staffed with licensed physicians, urgent care centers are ideal for non-emergency care when your doctor is not available. They can often be faster and less expensive than the ER for non-emergencies.


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Visit these independent third-party resources to help you choose between providers.