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Trio HMO

Trio HMO

We're helping to change the way health care is delivered with Trio HMO. It's a plan that offers the same comprehensive benefits as our regular HMO plans at a lower cost.

With Trio HMO, discover:

  • Lower premiums – providing the potential to reduce employee contributions 

  • Year-over-year rate stability and more coordinated care

Thanks to Trio HMO, we're breaking down barriers, reducing duplication of services and improving members' overall experience. 

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Trio HMO plans are powered by our accountable care organizations (ACOs), which are made up of a network of local doctors, specialists and hospitals.

Through this coordination, care is delivered more efficiently, which helps to lower premiums.
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So far, our ACOS have delivered integrated care to nearly 354,000 Californians, resulting in more than $440 million in aggregate cost savings since 2010.

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