Welcome to Blue Shield of California’s employer coverage page. You’ll find a variety of resources here to help you select a health plan that’s right for you. Simply scroll down the page to find the type of information that’s most helpful. If you need more specific information about the health plans your company is offering, please ask your employer..

Video: Understanding your health plan options 

Is it your company’s open enrollment period? Or maybe you’ve had a major life change or have started a new job. No matter the reason why you need to select a health plan, watch our video for a useful overview of Blue Shield health coverage.


Healthcare 101 resources

HMO or PPO? What does a copay mean anyway? Look through our useful resources – including videos and tutorials – to gain a better understanding of everything health care.


  Learn about HMO plans (2:05)
Learn about PPO plans (3:02)
What is Trio HMO? (0:38)
Trio HMO with Shield Concierge (0:56)


  HMO vs. PPO: Choosing the right plan (PDF 983KB)
Understanding health plan terms (PDF 26KB)
Why switch to Trio? (PDF 52KB)
Compare the Tandem PPO plan with our Full PPO plan (PDF 1.4MB)


  Find a Doctor tutorials


Choosing the right plan: Things to consider

We know that selecting a new plan can feel overwhelming. Browse our health plan selection questions below to guide you through the process.