Becoming an Account Manager

An account manager must be an individual within your organization who is authorized to enter into legally binding agreements. This person will need to complete the registration process for your organization.

Are you authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of your organization? Typically, an account manager is a:

  • Physician
  • Office Manager
  • Administrator
  • Corporate Officer

By clicking the CONTINUE button, you agree to the following statement.

I understand that an account manager's role is to:

  • Keep my organization's account information up-to-date
  • Set up other users within my organization and distribute usernames and passwords
  • Provide forgotten login data and reset passwords for other users
  • Place a user account on Inactive Status (e.g., for a leave of absence)
  • Manage the Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and Provider Identification Numbers (PINs) associated with my organization. Blue Shield is not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure or misuse of TINs or PINs.

For security reasons, you may not share login information between multiple users. Doing so will constitute a violation of state and federal regulations and could place sensitive member data at risk.

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