Access+ HMO SaveNet Plan

Blue Shield of California launched the Access+HMO SaveNetSMplan on September 1, 2007. The SaveNet plan is offered alongside current HMO products in specific regions for midsize and large group employers. Employer groups must purchase the standard Access+ HMO plan when purchasing an Access+ HMO SavNet plan. The SaveNet plan offers identical benefits but with lower cost and differences in network access. With these two plan choices, members can select whether they want access to our full Blue Shield HMO network or access to a more limited number of IPA/medical groups at a reduced premium rate.

The SaveNet plan provides access to a subset of the current IPA/medical groups that meet specific cost, efficiency and quality criteria in the geographic service areas covered by the SaveNet plan. The following IPA/medical groups will be available through the SaveNet plan effective January 1, 2010. Please note all IPA/medical groups in the Blue Shield ofCalifornia HMO network will continue to be available to those enrolled in the Access+ HMO products.

2010 SaveNet Medical Groups/IPAs

CountyProvider Name
Los AngelesAccess Medical Group
Los AngelesAKM Medical Group
Los AngelesAlamitos IPA
Los AngelesAlliance Physicians Med Group
Los AngelesAllied Physicians Of California
Los AngelesAltamed Health Services
Los AngelesAngeles IPA
Los AngelesApplecare Med Group St Francis Region
Los AngelesApplecare Med Group Whittier
Los AngelesApplecare Medical Group
Los AngelesApplecare Medical Group Select
Los AngelesAssociated Hispanic Physicians IPA
Los AngelesAxminster Medical Group - Little Company of Mary - Olympia
Los AngelesAxminster Medical Group - Little Company of Mary - San Pedro
Los AngelesAxminster Medical Group - Little Company of Mary - Torrance
Los AngelesAxminster Medical Group
Los AngelesBay Area Community Med Group
Los AngelesBella Vista Medical Group IPA
Los AngelesCentinela Valley IPA
Los AngelesCitrus Valley Physicians
Los AngelesEastland Medical Group
Los AngelesECMG Avalon Medical Group
Los AngelesECMG Greater LA Healthcare
Los AngelesECMG Greater San Gabriel Valley Physicians
Los AngelesECMG Mabuhay Medical Group
Los AngelesECMG Mid Cities IPA
Los AngelesECMG Pasadena Primecare Phys
Los AngelesFacey Med Foundation San Gabriel
Los AngelesFacey Medical Foundation
Los AngelesFacey Medical Group
Los AngelesFamily Care Spec Montebello
Los AngelesFamily Care Specialists IPA
Los AngelesFamily Health Alliance
Los AngelesGlobal Care Medical Group
Los AngelesGood Samaritan Medical Practice Associates
Los AngelesGreater Covina Med Group
Los AngelesHealthcare LA
Los AngelesHispanic Physicians IPA
Los AngelesKorean Med Group
Los AngelesLa Salle Medical Associates
Los AngelesLa Vida Multispecialty Medical Centers
Los AngelesLakeside Medical Group- Verdugo
Los AngelesLakewood Health Plan
Los AngelesMemorial Health Care IPA Memorial Health
Los AngelesNuestra Familia Prospect Med Group
Los AngelesPacific I P A
Los AngelesPioneer Provider Network A Med Group
Los AngelesPrairie Medical Group
Los AngelesPremier Physician Network Valley Division
Los AngelesPremier Physicians Network
Los AngelesPromed Health Network Of Pomona Valley
Los AngelesProspect Sherman Med Group - Van Nuys
Los AngelesPrudent Medical Group
Los AngelesSeoul Medical Group Integrated Phys Services
Los AngelesSerra Community Med Clinic
Los AngelesSt Mary IPA
Los AngelesSt Vincent IPA Med Corp
Los AngelesTorrance Hospital IPA
Los AngelesUniversal Care Downtown La
Los AngelesUniversal Care La South
Los AngelesUniversal Care Van Nuys
OrangeAcclaim IPA
OrangeAffiliated Doctors of Orange County
OrangeAMVI Medical Group
OrangeAnaheim Memorial IPA
OrangeECMG United Care Medical Group
OrangeFamily Choice Medical Group
OrangeGateway Med Group
OrangeGenesis Healthcare
OrangeNoble AMA IPA
OrangeNorthwest Orange Anaheim Premier
OrangeNorthwest Orange County Medical Group
OrangeOrange Coast IPA
OrangeProspect Med Group Orange
OrangeProspect Prof Med Group IPA
OrangeRegal Medical Group Northwest Orange County
OrangeUniversal Care Orange County
RiversideProspect Health Corona
RiversideRiverside Medical Clinic
RiversideVantage IPA Riverside
San BernardinoBeaver Advantage Health Center
San BernardinoBeaver Medical Group
San BernardinoChoice Med Group Apple Valley
San BernardinoChoice Medical Group Barstow
San BernardinoEastland Med San Bernardino
San BernardinoInland Valley IPA
San BernardinoRedlands Yucaipa Med Group
San BernardinoUnited Family Care
San BernardinoVantage IPA San Bernardino
San DiegoChildren? Physicians Med Group
San DiegoEncompass Medical Group
San DiegoGreater Tri Cities IPA
San DiegoMercy Physicians Medical Group
San DiegoMid County Phys Med Group
San DiegoMulticultural Primary Care Med Group
San DiegoPark Terrace Med Assoc
San DiegoPrimary Care Assoc Cassidy
San DiegoPrimary Care Assoc Med Group
San DiegoSharp Community Graybill
San DiegoSharp Community Inland North
San DiegoSharp Community Medical Group Chula Vista
San DiegoSharp Community Medical Group Grossmont
San DiegoSharp Community Medical Group San Diego
San DiegoSharp Rees Stealy
San Luis ObispoCoastal Communities Provider Network

Access+ HMO SaveNet Plan Service Area Chart

The Access+ HMO SaveNet Plan Service Area consists of only the counties listed on the chart below and is smaller than the service area for Access+ HMO.

Note: the Access+ HMO SaveNet Plan Service Area may change. To verify Service Area information, you can access, or call Member Services at the telephone number provided on the back of the member's ID card.

The Access+ HMO SaveNet Plan Service Area DOES NOT include ZIP codes for the Service Area cities listed on the Plan Service Area Chart for each county.

Los Angeles county except for ZIP codes:Orange countySan Bernardino county except for ZIP codes:San Diego county except for ZIP codes:San Luis Obispo countyRiverside county except for ZIP codes:
Lancasterentire Access+ HMO service area includedAmboyAguangaentire Access+ HMO service area includedBlythe
93539BakerBorrego Springs92226
93586Big Bear CityBoulevard92239
Palmdale9231491905Palm Springs
Joshua TreeWarnerSprings
Mountain Pass
Parker Dam
Twentynine Palms