Claims Instructions for MPI Shared Advantage Product

The Motion Picture Industry Health Plan (MPI Health Plan) has selected Blue Shield of California as their self-funded health plan effective August 1, 2006.

MPI Health Plan offers its non-HMO participants coverage through Blue Shield of California's Shared Advantage product.

Share Advantage Product

Shared Advantage is a shared administration product that provides PPO coverage for MPI Health Plan participants, which means:

  • Blue Shield manages the provider network, including contracting, discounts, pricing and reformatting of claims.
  • MPI Health Plan manages the participant benefits, eligibility and claims adjudication, as well as performing certain functions on behalf of Blue Shield of California, such as receiving in-state professional claims, paying providers and addressing provider inquiries.

Important Information for Physicians

  • Providers should send professional claims directly to MPI Health Plan and direct inquiries related to claims, benefits and eligibility to MPI Health Plan at (818) 769-0007, extension 244. MPI Health Plan, as the plan administrator, will continue to issue all provider payments.
  • Provider should send facility claims for dates of service beginning on August 1, 2006, to Blue Shield of California.

Smooth Transition for MPI Health Plan Participants

Your MPI Health Plan patients will continue to call MPI directly at (818) 769-0007, extension 244 for all of their benefit, eligibility and claims inquiries.

Participants may access Blue Shield's PPO provider network on