Spice up your workouts

Try something new this year and diversify your exercise regimen
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Doing the same exercise routine or taking the same classes every week can get repetitive and a bit dull. Trying something new to stay in shape can add flavor, intensity, and energy to your workouts. 

What will be your favorite workout to sweat through this year? Take a look at three of our favorites:

  • “HIIT” up the gym. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) means working out in short, high-cardio bursts. It’s a quick way to power through a powerful workout. “Think 30 seconds to a minute of sprinting, followed by a minute or two of walking or slow jogging. Repeat this cycle for just 10 minutes, and you’ll complete a HIIT workout,” reports Time magazine. Studies show that intensive, short workouts like these work just as well as longer exercise sessions.
  • Bounce toward fitness. Trampolines are popping up at gyms everywhere, often called “rebounding” or “cardio bounce.” Prefer to jump at home? You can buy a mini trampoline for as little as $40 online and follow along on YouTube for lots of fun workout videos. Forbes reports, “Celebrities and wellness gurus everywhere swear by trampoline workouts ... bouncing on this small but mighty trampoline can sculpt your muscles, help you shed pounds, and even rid your body (and mind) of stress.”
  • Join the BollyX craze. Burn a ton of calories while dancing to Bollywood music (music used in Indian Bollywood films, combined with aerobics). It combines choreography and rotates between higher- and lower-intensity dance sequences. This is a full-body workout that improves muscle control, strengthens your core, and gets you sweating. Most of all, it’s a ton of fun.

In an interview with Harvard Business School, BollyX cofounder Minal Mehta says, “Bollywood is a natural fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Anyone can identify with and enjoy a BollyX class, whether it’s the upbeat music, the dance movements, or the urge to release your inner swagger.”

These are just some of the workouts that we like, but there are dozens of others depending on your interests and fitness level. Go out and try one today. 

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