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Healthy Living

One way to help control healthcare costs is to avoid poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, overeating and not exercising. Our health programs help our members make better lifestyle choices, and they may incur less medical costs as a result. Programs and services include:

  • Prevention Program helps employees be proactive about their health care with access to prevention and screening resources. Download the Preventive Care Flier (PDF, 191KB).
  • Shield Wellcheck1 (PDF, 245KB) brings biometric screenings to the worksite.
  • Health Coach1 (PDF, 587KB) gives members valuable personal support to change unhealthy behaviors.
  • Daily Challenge (PDF, 1.2KB) is an easy way for your employees to include some healthy activity in even the busiest lifestyle. In just a few minutes they can connect with friends, as they complete simple, everyday actions. Employees can also complete a well-being Assessment which measures overall well-being. The program can also be customized to include cash incentives for groups of 100 or more enrolled employee. Available to all Blue Shield members over 18,  this program can also be customized to include incentives for groups of 100 or more enrolled employees.
  • Walkadoo (PDF, 1.4MB) is a wellness program for every walk of life. Employees simply wear a wireless device that counts their steps throughout the day. This program is at an additional cost for groups of 100 or more enrolled employees.
  • Onsite wellness services1 (PDF, 611KB) makes wellness easy for your employees.
  • Tobacco Cessation Program2 (PDF, 229KB) provides nicotine replacement therapy, phone-based coaching and Web-based support to help employees kick the habit.
  • Wellness discount programs provide discounts on popular services like gym memberships and weight-loss programs. Some terms and conditions apply.
  • Prenatal Education Program (PDF, 265KB) promotes healthy pregnancies with practical advice, a reference book and other materials.

To learn how Blue Shield can build a wellness program based on your needs, contact your broker or Blue Shield sales representative.

1 Available to groups with a 40 person clinic minimum. Also available to non-member employees.
2 Available to small groups on a case by case basis. Also available to non-member employees