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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Blue Shield of California Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is our Medicare-approved prescription drug plan for Medicare-eligible Californians.


National and Worldwide Capabilities

We provide coordinated coverage across the nation and in 200 countries of the world.


Dual Choice

This plan allows groups of two or more enrolling employees to match any one of our Access+ HMO plans with one other non-HMO plan, or any one of our Shield Spectrum PPO plans with one other non-PPO plan.

For additional information, contact your broker or Blue Shield representative.

Large Group Client Services

We have a long-term commitment to delivering the highest level of service when you need it and providing the greatest value for your healthcare dollar.


Mid/Large Group Plans (51+)

Midsize and large employers (51+ employees) can choose from a range of managed care plans with the flexibility to tailor benefits and financial arrangements to meet specific needs.


In this section

Local Access+ HMO

This plan is designed for employers looking to lower what they spend on health care without compromising comprehensive coverage for their employees.

Access+ HMO

These plans provide low copayments for our widest range of benefits, including preventive care, inpatient and outpatient services and emergency care.

Access+ HMO SaveNet Plans

These plans offer an HMO plan with a smaller physician network to lower your rates, and must be paired with one of our standard Access+ HMO plans.

Smart Shield PPO Plans

These plans provide direct access to the physicians and specialists in our preferred provider network, plus the option to go out of network.

Active Choice

These plans provide comprehensive coverage for your employees while keeping your healthcare coverage costs lower.

Added Advantage POS

This plan combines the convenience and out-of-pocket costs of our HMO, with access to our extensive PPO network.

Shield Savings Plus Plans

These HSA-compatible plans offer affordable monthly dues, a wide range of benefits subject to the deductible and access to our broad PPO network.

ASO and Stop-Loss Insurance

We offer combined services that give you the power to control costs, manage risks and respond to utilization trends.

Blue Shield 65 Plus

Read more about Blue Shield 65 Plus, an employer-sponsored Medicare Advantage HMO for retirees that focuses on their benefit needs at lower costs.