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Access+ HMO

As our most comprehensive coverage, Access+ HMO plans offer your employees a wide range of benefits, including preventive care, inpatient and outpatient hospital services and emergency care. These plans also feature:

  • Access+ SpecialistSM: Members can go directly to a participating Access+ Specialist in the same medical group or IPA as their Personal Physician without a referral for a fixed, $30 office visit copayment.
  • Access+ SatisfactionSM: Members can get a copayment refund if they are dissatisfied with the service they received during a covered office visit with an HMO network physician.

Access+HMO Plan Options

  • Zero Admit 10                               Facility Coinsurance 20-20%
  • Zero Admit 20                               Facility Coinsurance 25-25%
  • Zero Admit 30                               Facility Coinsurance 40-40%

  • Per Admit 10-250                          Facility Coinsurance 45-50%

  • Per Admit 20-500                          Facility Deductible 15-10%

  • Per Admit 25-750                          Facility Deductible 20-25%

  • Per Admit 40-1000                        Facility Deductible 30-30%

  • Facility Coinsurance 15-20%          Facility Deductible 40-40% 

For additional information, contact your broker or Blue Shield representative.