Pooja Dang

Actuarial Manager, Provider Contract Support

"I guess the best part is the people. For me definitely. I think it is a talent pool of really hard working, driven individuals who are willing to spend time teaching and developing you. And this includes leadership too. I find leadership is very accessible here. You don't feel senior level is on the top floor somewhere. But they are vested in your career growth and it makes me want to come to work everyday. Leadership setting up meetings to mentor me. As soon as I started I had weekly one on one meetings to track my career path and see the best way to grow through the company."

I really think Blue Shield of California is a fantastic place to work. If you are thinking of a career at Blue Shield, I would recommend doing as much research as you can into the organization and culture, talk to as many people as you can, and ask yourself is this the kind of place that I can see myself working? And if the answer is yes, I promise you, you won't be sorry. It is a great place to work.

Bob Hernandez

Regional Sales Manager

"I had a dream that wasn't fulfilled until I started working at Blue Shield of California."

I came to Blue Shield of California because I was referred by a friend. I stay because the core values that I believe in and live by.

If Blue Shield of California were a movie it would be Kevin Costner movie , "Field of Dreams." Like Mr. Costner's character, I had a dream that wasn't fulfilled until I came to work at Blue Shield of California. The dream of offering affordable insurance to the average person while representing a company with a solid underpinning.


Tessa Brown

Operations Specialist

"Blue Shield of California gives you the opportunity you need to make a career for yourself."

Blue Shield of California gives you all the opportunities you even need to make a career for yourself. If someone was thinking about a career at Blue Shield I would say, apply. It would be the best decision you could make. I would tell what a great company this is and all the awesome opportunities there are here.

Shelly Robley

Claims Processor

"I am very proud to say I am an employee of Blue Shield of California."

I am very proud to say I am an employee of Blue Shield of California. They offer great benefits for the employees and their families. Blue Shield is always striving to satisfy their employees and make them feel their opinions or ideas matter. Working for Blue Shield allows me to keep up on my medical terminology.

Great benefit that Blue Shield offers is a program that pays for employee's schooling, a reimbursement program. It is a great feeling also that I work for a place that is not only dedicated to their employees, but that they honestly do place the customer at the center of everything.

Tina Kibler

Vice President, Internal Audit Sales

After leaving Blue Shield of California for just a short time for a new job across the country, Tina called her old boss at Blue Shield and asked for her job back. Tina has been back at Blue Shield of California for more than four years now.

The focus that management has on developing a great culture is the best part about working at Blue Shield of California. Every year management strives to do more to get employees engaged, to promote from within, to support their employees. To make it a place where employees are proud to work. That culture is one of the primary reasons I returned to Blue Shield of California.


Mark Sachs

Product Manager

Founder RestoringVision.org 4+ year BSC employee

I started my non-profit seven years ago. I did that because I wanted to help people. When I was looking for a company that I wanted to work for, I wanted to work for a company whose mission it was to help people. And that's one of the things that appealed to me about Blue Shield