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Vacation Supply

I am going on vacation and will need an extra supply of medications, what should I do?

If your medication is due to be refilled while you are on vacation, you can have it filled at one of Blue Shield’s 57,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Depending on your pharmacy benefits, you may also be able to call us and request an early refill authorization at your regular pharmacy which will allow you to pick up your prescription before you leave town. To request an early refill authorization, please call the number on the back of your member ID card. If you use our mail order pharmacy, you can also request your refill be shipped to a different address while you are traveling.

Here are some tips about traveling with medication:

  • Bring a list of your prescription drug and over-the-counter medications with the frequency and time you take them. If you are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital, give this list to hospital staff as it will help doctors understand your condition(s).
  • If you are vacationing in a different time zone, make sure you adjust the time of day you take your medications accordingly. Remember, once a day means every 24 hours so you may need to change the time you take your daily medications.
  • Always keep your medication in the labeled bottles given to you by the pharmacy. This is especially important when you are flying.
  • Always keep medication in your carry on bag, even if your flight is short. Your luggage could be lost or stolen or there could be unexpected delays.
  • Always bring more medication than you expect to need. You may have unexpected delays getting home.
  • Ask your pharmacist if there are any foods or beverages that conflict with your medication. You may be more inclined to try unfamiliar foods, especially in foreign countries or big cities.