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Healthy Lifestyle Rewards
Healthy Lifestyle Rewards is an interactive, online program that helps you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits like good nutrition, stress management and regular exercise - all at no additional cost!

If you haven't done so already, start by registering (link below) to create a username and password. Then log in regularly to take advantage of all the great information, tools and trackers.
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If you're not a registered user of, you'll need to complete this step before you can get started.

If you're already a member, please log in to begin your Wellness Assessment.
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Please note: The program is available to members age 18 and over and Medicare supplemental plan members; but is not available to enrollees in any BlueShield Medicare plan, Medicare HMO Plan members, or to any Federal Employee Program PPO member.

Healthy Lifestyle Rewards video

Check out what Healthy Lifestyle Rewards is all about. Watch this short video today.