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Read inspirational stories from previous participants who kept with the program -- and were successful!
  • I'm Back on Track
  • Helped Me Recover from Surgery
  • Losing Weight, Feeling Better
  • Off to a Good Start
  • Worth Recommending
  • Our Whole Office
  • A Great Motivator
  • I'm Back on Track
    I have been enjoying this program, and did it once before; then, the next year it was discontinued. And that year I gained 20 pounds! This year, with the program, I have once again been motivated to get the weight off. I think this program is a good motivating tool for people. I find that sometimes I get tired, or lack the motivation, and then "Poof!" Into the mailbox comes my Healthy Rewards sign-in, and it gets me going again. I did not realize the first time how helpful it was. Then, the year I didn't have it, I found out what I missed!
    -Sharon T.
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    Helped Me Recover from Surgery
    This is so great, and my doctor approves. I've recently had my third spinal surgery and am doing very well. My doctor said I could start dancing again this week and get back to Curves for Women very soon. Thanks for helping me get started again. I promise to work hard.
    -Rhonda L.
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    Losing Weight, Feeling Better
    I just checked yesterday and I have lost almost 20 pounds now. Wow!!! I have to say that my determination is the key. Now I exercise for one hour in the morning Monday through Friday. I also changed my eating habits. Now I can walk down the candy aisle in a store and not have cravings! That's huge for me. I eat a lot of fruit and make nutritional shakes to drink each morning. Plus, the program has really changed the way I feel. I am happier and able to handle stress differently. I can take the pressures of daily life, whereas before, I couldn't always do that. I am becoming more capable and more energetic than I have ever been in my life. And, the best part of it all is that my accomplishments make me want to continue to do better with eating and exercise. I can't tell you how many years I hated my body and how embarrassed I felt wearing clothing large enough to fit my body. Right now everything is too big,and I'm ready to purchase new clothing. This program has been very exciting and has given me the boost I need to go on and not feel sorry for myself like I used to. I hope this can help someone else.
    -Deniese D.
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    Off to a Good Start
    This was a great program, and now I have a lot of tips to keep me on track. I need to lose weight and exercise for health reasons, and this has gotten me off to a good start. I have lost over 20 pounds since starting and I'm grateful for the help!
    -Jan I.
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    Worth Recommending
    I just wanted to say that your program has helped me immensely. Since my doctor suggested going online and trying this program I've felt so much better about myself. I have started walking again and I'm doing better health-wise. I had been diagnosed with a chronic disease, and losing the weight on your program has helped with this. I would recommend the program, and have, to friends who belong to Blue Shield and didn't even know it existed. I hope everyone gets the chance to start a new healthy lifestyle like I have.
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    Our Whole Office
    Believe me, this is a very good program-about the best thing I could ask for. It keeps our whole office on track. Thanks for all your help.
    -Martina B.
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    A Great Motivator
    I am very big on saying thank you for things, and this program is truly wonderful and a great motivator.
    -Marie B.
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