Small Business Plans (1-50)

Effective January 1, 2014

With the introduction of new ACA-compliant plans, all 2013 Simply Shield medical plans will be withdrawn from the market. And there's a new distribution channel in the small business market: Covered California's Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). In fact, for 2014 we are the only "Blue" plan in California with small business plans being offered through SHOP.

Beginning in January 2014, we will be offering Small Business plans both on and off California's new exchange, Covered Califonia. Take a look at the options we offer small businesses.

In this section

Off-Exchange Package

This package offers 19 plan options for small businesses, as well as Access+ HMO, Local Access+ HMO, and Trio ACO HMO provider network choices.

2014 Evidence of Coverage

2014 Evidence of Coverage for small business

Mirror Package

This package offers 7 plan options for small businesses purchased through your broker directly from Blue Shield of California or Covered California.

Benefit Summaries

Get benefit summaries for small businesses listed by effective date.