You are currently enrolled in a Blue Shield Promise Cal MediConnect Plan. Every year, plan costs and benefits change. The Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) explains changes that go into effect on January 1, 2021. Review the brochure specific to your plan and residence area.

Los Angeles Annual Notice of Changes
English (PDF, 556KB)
Arabic (PDF, 693KB)
Armenian (PDF, 2MB)
Cambodian (Khmer) (PDF, 2MB)
Chinese (Traditional) (PDF, 996KB)
Farsi (Persian) (PDF, 571KB)
Korean (PDF, 1MB)
Russian (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 631KB)
Tagalog (PDF, 6MB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 2MB)

San Diego Annual Notice of Changes
English (PDF, 545KB)
Arabic (PDF, 2MB)
Spanish (PDF, 2MB)
Tagalog (PDF, 502KB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 618KB)