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introducing Blue Shield's fastest growing plan.

Welcome to a smarter, more modern approach to health coverage from Blue Shield of California.
With Trio HMO, we’re transforming the healthcare landscape, working to deliver a better care experience while keeping premiums as low as possible.  

Large group markets (101+)

Take a look at the Trio plan options that are available to large groups.

Small business markets (1-100)

Explore the Trio plan options – including off-exchange, on-exchange, and mirrored – that are available to small groups.

Individual and family markets

See all the Trio plan options that are available to your Individual and Family Plan clients.

Explore Medi-Cal

We offer Medi-Cal plans for select regions of California. Find a plan in your area. 

Explore our plans

Find the Blue Shield of California plan that’s right for you.

Get financial help

See what financial help you qualify for. 

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With Trio HMO, discover:

  • Lower premiums – providing the potential to reduce employee contributions
  • Year-over-year rate stability and more coordinated care

Trio is built as an accountable care organization (ACO), which can help give our members convenience and quality at lower costs. It's a way for you to offer coverage we like to think of as being worthy of our family and friends.

Trio benefits and features

Trio ACO HMO network

Trio offers access to a specially selected network of local doctors, hospitals, and specialists.

View the network and service area
Shield Concierge

With Trio, members get access to our personalized and coordinated customer care assistant.

Learn about Shield Concierge

Our redesigned whole-health platform offers a Proven Path to real health for Trio members.

See how Wellvolution works

Trio HMO is Blue Shield’s fastest-growing plan from inception through December 2018. Source: Blue Shield Finance.