As our fastest-growing plan, Trio HMO aligns with our mission of providing access to high-quality health care at an affordable price.

Trio utilizes unique provider partnerships to help improve levels of care while lowering costs and applies the latest developments in both customer and clinical experience. What’s more, Trio has the highest retention rate of any our plans. 

Tangible benefits for employers   

Trio offers a simple way to maintain a strong benefits program while reducing unnecessary expenses.

  • Lower benefit costs without shifting cost to the employee through higher deductibles and copays
  • Typically lower premiums than our Access+ HMO®, estimated at 12% to 15% less, depending on the region
  • Cost trends lower than our Access+ HMO or full PPO, which can bring stabilization to annual price increases
  • More coordinated care, which can translate to faster returns to work and a higher level of employee wellness and productivity 

Check Trio availability in your area

New: Enhanced 2020 member benefits*

  • On-demand doctor house calls with HealTM
  • 24/7 virtual consults with Teladoc for $0 copay    

Download the latest Employer/Broker Trio Brochure (PDF, 417KB) to learn about all the benefits Trio can offer large groups and their employees. 

Download the 2019 Trio HMO Network flyer (PDF, 89KB) to view the Trio network and service area.

Trio plans for large groups

We currently have 26 Trio plan options available to large groups.

Trio HMO Zero Admit Trio HMO Per Admit Trio HMO Per Day Trio HMO Coinsurance Trio HMO Deductible
Trio HMO Zero Admit 10 Trio HMO Per Admit 10-250 Trio HMO Per Day 15-500 Trio HMO Facility Coinsurance 15-20% Trio HMO Facility Deductible 15-10%/250
Trio HMO Zero Admit 15 Trio HMO Per Admit 20-250 Trio HMO Per Day 25-750 Trio HMO Facility Coinsurance 20-20% Trio HMO Facility Deductible 15-10%/500
Trio HMO Zero Admit 20 Trio HMO Per Admit 20-500   Trio HMO Facility Coinsurance 25-25% Trio HMO Facility Deductible 15-10%/750
Trio HMO Zero Admit 30 Trio HMO Per Admit 25-750   Trio HMO Facility Coinsurance 30-30% Trio HMO Facility Deductible 15-10%/1500
  Trio HMO Per Admit 40-1000   Trio HMO Facility Coinsurance 40-40% Trio HMO Facility Deductible 20-25%/1500
        Trio HMO Facility Deductible 30-10%/1500
        Trio HMO Facility Deductible 30-30%/2000
        Trio HMO Facility Deductible 40-40%/2000
        Trio HMO Facility Deductible 40-40%/5800
        Trio HMO Zero Facility Deductible 30-20%

Download the benefit summaries for these plans and use the Trio qualification tool to check Trio HMO availability in your area.