Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan Health Education Department can assist you in meeting state requirements for health education (PDF, 120 KB) by providing you with appropriate multilingual resources for your patients.

Initial Health Assessment

Completing a timely Initial Health Assessment (IHA) provides an opportunity for members to establish a relationship with their primary care physician (PCP) and obtain necessary health care and preventive services. This opportunity can lead to positive health outcomes and improvement in a member's overall health status.

Learn more about IHA procedures and guidelines

Staying Healthy Assessment

DHCS had released the Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) guidelines via Policy Letter 13-001, “Requirements for the Staying Healthy Assessment” (PDF, 204 KB). For implementation and documentation requirements, please review or download the following provider training presentations. DHCS expects 100% participation from all provider offices.

Learn more about SHA and find forms and training resources

Health education materials for your patients

Blue Shield Promise asks its network providers to commit to helping Blue Shield Promise educate patients about important topics. The following materials can facilitate discussion with your patients.

Emergency Room (ER) Health Education Campaign

Prenatal program and breastfeeding information

Blue Shield Promise Health Education Department provides information and resources to help our members while they are trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy, and after the baby is born. Find information on breastfeeding and breastfeeding resources for your patients.

Preventive health guidelines

Health education classes and programs at local hospitals

Local hospitals in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties offer free health education classes. Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal members can view the schedules by location and select classes they would like to attend.