The prior authorization list is a resource for providers that lists the designated medical and surgical services and select prescription drugs which require prior authorization under a Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan medical benefit. This list also includes specific equipment, services, drugs, and procedures requiring review or supplemental documentation prior to payment authorization.

Prior authorization for the services listed below is highly recommended. If authorization was not obtained prior to the service being rendered, the service will likely be reviewed for medical necessity at the point of claim.

While the list below covers the medical services, drugs, and procedures that require authorization prior to rendering a service, Blue Shield Promise may require additional information after the service has been provided. If we require further information to process the payment, Blue Shield Promise’s Claims Department will request specific information at that time. Please include medical records when you respond to a request from Blue Shield Promise’s Claims Department.

Please review our clinical policies and procedures and verify that any service you are going to provide a Blue Shield Promise member is a covered benefit. You may review our medical policies online or contact Provider Services at (800) 468-9935, 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If prior authorization was obtained and you are submitting an offline (i.e., paper) claim, remember to attach a copy of the prior authorization letter.

Prior Authorization Code Lists

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Codes
The documents below list prior authorization codes for Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal and Cal MediConnect member services.

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Code List - September 2022 (PDF, 407 KB)

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Code List - June 2022 (PDF, 386 KB)

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Code List - February 2022 (PDF, 586 KB)

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Code List - December 2021 (PDF, 570 KB)

Medi-Cal/Cal MediConnect Prior Auth Code List - August 2021 (PDF, 483 KB)

Prior authorization information for medications

Prior Authorization information for medications can be found here for Medi-Cal plans.