At Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal, our goal is to make sure all members have access to healthcare coverage. This includes people living in California who don’t have insurance. It also includes people who qualify as low-income. To reach people who can use our help, we have a community outreach program called Connect!

Connect! brings useful information to people who need it. We believe that when people can learn more about their health, they can make better choices for themselves and their families.

You can find our Connect! program at cultural festivals, community events, and public meetings. Also, we try to reach people at schools, youth programs, and sporting events. It is one of the many ways we try to support our communities.

To find more information, check out our calendar of local events

Are you looking for agencies that help at risk groups? Check out the Cultural & Linguistic directories for your area:
  Los Angeles and Orange Counties (PDF, 843 KB) 
  San Diego County (PDF, 1.6 MB)