The Blue Shield Promise Cal MediConnect Member Handbook provides details about your Medicare health care and prescription drug coverage effective January 1 to December 31, 2021.

You may download a printable copy of the Member Handbook for your plan and area of residence (below), or you may request a copy to be mailed to you.

Los Angeles Member Handbook
English (PDF, 2.5MB)
Arabic (PDF, 2.2MB)
Armenian (PDF, 2.9MB)
Cambodian (Khmer) (PDF, 4MB)
Chinese (Traditional) (PDF, 2.5MB)
Farsi (Persian) (PDF, 2.2MB)
Korean (PDF, 3.9MB)
Russian (PDF, 3.3MB)
Spanish (PDF, 1.8MB)
Tagalog (PDF, 1.9MB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 3.2MB)

San Diego Member Handbook
English (PDF, 1.8MB)
Arabic (PDF, 2.2MB)
Chinese (Traditional) (PDF, 1.9MB)
Farsi (Persian) (PDF, 2.1MB)
Spanish (PDF, 1.8MB)
Tagalog (PDF, 1.8MB)
Vietnamese (PDF, 3.2MB)