The Blue Shield of California Provider Connection website is available to Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan network providers for authenticated (post-login) activities such as verifying member eligibility and checking claim status.

Use Provider Connection to:

  • Verify member eligibility and benefits
    Search for up-to-date eligibility and benefits information, plus member ID cards.
  • Create a member roster
    Download a roster of members who have chosen you as their primary care physician or medical group.
  • View authorization status
    See the status of your medical or pharmacy authorization requests.
  • Check claim status
    Review claim records and explanations of benefits from the current date back to two years prior.

While Provider Connection provides tools for accessing member information, this Blue Shield Promise provider website is your resource for forms, processes, news, and other information specific to Blue Shield Promise.

If you are also part of the Blue Shield of California network, you will have a single point of access to member information, which will simplify management tasks for you.

Getting started

  1. To begin using Provider Connection, your organization must register to create an account.
  2. To learn more about Provider Connection, view the Blue Shield Promise Provider Connection Guide for detailed instructions on how to use the authenticated tools available to you.