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Helping caregivers provide

Even better care

Get the tools you need to give loved ones the care they deserve.

We know family means everything.

Take better care of your loved ones and yourself with support and resources from the Blue Shield Balance (HMO)1 Plan.

Blue Shield of California healthcare benefits

Medicare 101

Is your loved one enrolled in Medicare? Learn about the different options available to them. 

Plan documents

Find the comprehensive plan information you need to assist your loved one with benefits and coverage.

Pharmacy resources

Blue Shield offers a variety of benefits and services to help make managing prescriptions easier.

Insulin savings

To help keep your healthcare costs low, select insulins are only $35 a month during the deductible, initial coverage limit, and coverage gap phases of your benefits. For more information, refer to the Blue Shield Balance (HMO) Evidence of Coverage (EOC).

Healthy Grocery²

Members can receive a $25 allowance each month to purchase specific healthy grocery items.2 

Over-the-Counter (OTC) items benefit

Blue Shield Balance (HMO) offers a $45 allowance each month to cover OTC health and wellness products. 

Blue Shield of California Caregiver resources Expand all

Get the confidence you need to care for those you love with resources specially designed to assist you on your caregiver journey.

Blue Shield of California Caregiver resources

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Get the confidence you need to care for those you love with resources specially designed to assist you on your caregiver journey.

  • Caregiver Toolkit & Organizer

    Organize and keep important information in one place such as medication lists and doctor office contact information.

    English (PDF, 33.5 KB)
    Español (PDF, 55.6 KB)

  • Accessing Protected Health Information

    As a caregiver to your loved one, you will need to complete one or all of documents listed below to act as his or her representative to receive information about their health or make decisions on their behalf.

    Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information Form

    A detailed document that gives permission to use protected health information for purposes other than treatment, payment, or health care operations.

    English (PDF, 141 KB)
    Español (PDF, 200 KB)

    Appointment of Representative (AOR) Form

    An AOR form allows you to appoint a relative, friend, advocate, attorney, or your physician to act as your representative to make any requests, to present or elicit evidence, to obtain appeals information, and to receive any notice in connection with the member’s appeal.

    English (PDF, 117 KB)
    Español (PDF, 94 KB)

    Advance Directives

    An Advance Directive is a form that allows an individual to appoint a person or persons to make health care decisions for them, if they lose the capacity to make those decisions for themselves. 

    English (PDF, 753 KB)
    Español (PDF, XX, KB)

    POLST Forms

    A POLST or Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment form is used with advance directives to serve as a continuity of care assurance. You can download the forms below or visit for more information. 

    English (PDF, 133 KB)
    Español (PDF, 544 KB)

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