Report fraud, waste, and abuse

What is fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA)?

  • Fraud is an intentional misrepresentation that may result in unauthorized costs to a healthcare program.
  • Abuse is a practice that is inconsistent with sound medical or business practices that may directly or indirectly result in unnecessary costs to a healthcare program.
  • Waste is the inappropriate use of healthcare funds or resources without a justifiable need to do so.

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Be aware of genetic testing fraud

Scammers approach unsuspecting enrollees at local health fairs, senior housing facilities, community centers, home health agencies, and other trustworthy locations to carry out genetic testing fraud. They falsely promise that Medicare will pay for the test, and you simply need to provide a cheek swab, your ID, and Medicare information in order to receive your test results. Unfortunately, now these scammers have your health plan or Medicare number, and they can bill Medicare thousands of dollars for tests or even services that you never receive. They also have your personal genetic information.

How to report fraud, waste, and abuse

To report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse, please contact: