When to call

Call Member Services with questions about the following topics

  • Benefits or health plan coverage: You can also find information on your personalized "Medical Benefits" page here in My Health Plan. Refer to How to Find a Medical, Dental or Vision Benefit.
  • Claims: When you have questions about a claim, please have your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) available.

    Your EOB usually arrives four to six weeks after the claim has been submitted to Blue Shield. It contains the name of your doctor, the amount billed, the claim number and the date of service.

    Refer to "Help with Submitting a Claim" for additional information.

  • Prior Authorizations: Is your intended procedure covered by Blue Shield? Has it been authorized by Blue Shield? To learn more about authorizations, refer to Prior Authorization for Care.
  • Doctors: Is your provider, primary care physician or doctor in our network? You can look this up in Find a Doctor.
  • Address: For individual and family plan members (IFP), call us to update your address.
  • Health Plan: For IFP members, call us to cancel your plan.

Other useful numbers

There are many times when placing a call to another organization will provide you with a quicker resolution.

Dental and Vision
For information about a Blue Shield dental or vision benefit, follow these steps:

  • For dental plan questions, please call our dental plan administrator at (800) 585-8111. If you're outside of California, please call (800) 323-7201.
  • For vision plan questions, please call our vision plan administrator at (877) 601-9083.

Mail-order prescriptions
For the status of mail-order prescriptions, please call PrimeMail first at (866) 346-7200 or log in at www.MyPrimeMail.com for more information.

Coverage through your employer
If you have group Blue Shield coverage through your employer or another organization, you should go through your group's health plan administrator to change your plan, change your address, change your name or request an Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

If you need another copy of your EOC or COI:

  • Go to your Plan Summary page and download a copy or request that a copy be mailed to you (not available to all members).
  • Contact your Human Resource department for a copy if you have health care through your employer.
  • Call the Member Services number on your Blue Shield ID card and request that a copy be mailed to you.

If you have questions about COBRA coverage, please start by contacting your employer.