Get personalized support in navigating the healthcare system or managing your condition. Our experienced care teams are here to help.

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What is Shield Support

Shield Support offers short- and long-term support to optimize your benefits, health and quality of life.

We can help you navigate the healthcare system and access care, and share information among the healthcare team involved in your care. Our care managers offer personalized coaching to help you live better with illness, recover from acute conditions, and develop self-management skills.

Your care manager acts as an advocate for you and your family by:

  • Identifying available treatment options
  • Assisting you in making important healthcare decisions
  • Coordinating your care with your healthcare providers
  • Researching additional resources, such as support groups and financial assistance

How it works

An outreach specialist will contact you to understand your needs, discuss how we can best support you and connect you with a care manager. You can be certain that your medical history and information will be kept confidential.

Although your care manager will be your primary program contact, you and your doctor will always make the decisions about your treatment options. By working closely with your doctor and using the resources available in your community, this program can help you through a difficult time.

It is your choice to participate in Shield Support. There are no extra charges for these services, and you can end your participation at any time, for any reason.

Participation in this program will not affect your benefits. Blue Shield will pay benefits according to the coverage available through your health plan. Your choice of healthcare providers is also based on your health plan coverage.

How to enroll in Shield Support

Call us at (877) 455-6777 to see if you're eligible to enroll in Shield Support.