A specialty pharmacy is available to Blue Shield members with an outpatient prescription drug (pharmacy) benefit. Specialty pharmacies fill prescriptions used to treat certain complex or chronic conditions that usually require close monitoring and special handling. Prior authorization is required for specialty medications, including self-administered injectables. Members prescribed self-administered injectables and members whose coverage includes the specialty drug benefit must obtain these drugs from a Network Specialty Pharmacy listed below.1

CVS Specialty®

Phone: (800) 237-2767

Fax: (800) 323-2445


A complete list of specialty drugs is available on the drug formularies page.

Lumicera Health Services

Phone: (855) 847-3553

Fax: (855) 847-3558


Generic abiraterone 250 mg, is the only specialty drug available at Lumicera Health Services.

Please have your physician call or fax your prescription to CVS Specialty.

Network Specialty Pharmacies provide convenient mail delivery of specialty medications, as well as access to personalized, supportive, and clinically-effective pharmaceutical care.

There are many benefits of using a Network Specialty Pharmacy:

  • Team of dedicated pharmacists and nurses are available to answer your questions
  • Coordination of care with your doctor
  • Medications packaged for special handling requirements such as refrigeration and delivered to a location of your choice
  • Convenience of receiving your prescriptions through the mail, which saves you a trip to the pharmacy
  • Easy refills and refill reminders
  • Education and counseling programs to meet your needs and detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively take your medication
  • All supplies required for administration of specialty medications that are injectable (such as needles/syringes, alcohol swabs, sharps containers, etc.) are included, at no additional charge

1Members enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, and some Commercial plans may have prior authorized, specialty medications filled at any network retail pharmacy. Check your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or Certificate of insurance (COI) for your specific benefit information or call Customer Care.