Simple Sync

Small Groups (2 to 50)


The SimpleSync package offers simple, affordable, and flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of your small business. With a variety of options and benefit plans you can count on, SimpleSync is perfect if you want to offer a Blue Shield plan alongside another carrier's HMO. With greater choice and an array of nine plans to choose from, including comprehensive PPO plans, a high-deductible plan (HDHP) that is eligible with a Health Savings Account (HSA), and an HMO plan.

SimpleSync provides relaxed participation guidelines, so you will find it easier to qualify.

It only takes five enrolling employees with 65% enrollment in Blue Shield plans to qualify. And if you would like to offer SimpleSync alongside another carrier's HMO, in addition to the previously mentioned guidelines, at least 50% of the total number of employees must be enrolled in Blue Shield plan(s). For more information, download the SimpleSync brochure (PDF, 1.35MB). It contains a worksheet that will help you determine if you can enroll in the SimpleSync plans.

Please note: Plans in the SimpleSync package cannot be combined with plans included in the SimpleSelect package, with the exception of Access Baja® HMO Plan 10.




Premier PPO 20 Shield Spectrum PPOSM Plan 750 Value*
Enhanced PPO 30* Shield Spectrum PPOSM Plan1000 Value*

Enhanced PPO 40*

Shield Spectrum PPOSM Plan 500 Value*

Simple Savings 3400/6800*

Shield Spectrum PPOSM Plan 2500 Value*

Access+ HMO® Enhanced 40


*Underwritten by Blue Shield of California and Life Health Insurance Company. Pending regulatory approval.