SimpleSelect, a comprehensive plan package, offers a wide range of healthcare coverage options. You can choose from 2 to 281 plans to offer your employees, including PPO, HSA-compatible high deductible health plans and HMO plan options. The ease and simplicity of SimpleSelect lets you pinpoint the coverage your employees need at rates they can afford.

The Simply Shield plan families have been designed with a logical price and benefit progression, making it easy to distinguish among the options. You can find a solution that's just right for your business – from plans with the richest benefits and low or no annual medical deductibles, to our leanest plans with affordable monthly rates in exchange for greater cost-sharing for members. For more information, Download (PDF, 2.6MB) the SimpleSelect brochure.

Please note: Plans in the SimpleSelect package cannot be combined with plans included in the SimpleSync package, with the exception of Access Baja® HMO Plan 10.


Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pick two or more plans that offer the right level of coverage for your employees.

  2. Choose a monthly employer contribution option that works best for your business. Select either a minimum of: $100 per enrolled employee OR 50% of total employee rates.

  3. Provide your employees with healthcare coverage you can trust.

PPO Plans

Premier PPO 5* Enhanced PPO 15* Base PPO 30* Shield Spectrum PPOSM
Plan 750 Value*
Premier PPO 15* Enhanced PPO 25* Base PPO 40* Shield Spectrum PPOSM
Plan1000 Value*

Premier PPO 25*

Enhanced PPO 35* Base PPO 50* Shield Spectrum PPOSM
Plan 1500 Value*

Premier PPO 35*

Enhanced PPO 45*   Shield Spectrum PPOSM
Plan 2500 Value*

Premier PPO 45*


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HSA-Compatible Health Plans  
Simple Savings 2500/5000* Simple Savings 4500/9000*
Simple Savings 3500/7000* Simple Savings 5500/11000*

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HMO Plans  

Access+ HMO® Premier 151 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Premier 151

Access+ HMO® Enhanced 151 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Enhanced 151

Access+ HMO® Premier 251 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Premier 251

Access+ HMO® Enhanced 251 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Enhanced 251

Access+ HMO® Premier 351 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Premier 351

Access+ HMO® Enhanced 351 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Enhanced 351

Access+ HMO® Premier 451 OR
Local Access+ HMO® Premier 451


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*Underwritten by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company. Pending regulatory approval.

1 SimpleSelect has a total of 36 plans, 8 of which are HMO plans with a choice of the Access+ HMO or Local Access+ HMO network. If you are an employer located in certain California counties whose eligible employees live or work in the Local Access+ HMO service area, you have the option of choosing any of the Access+ HMO or Local Access+ HMO plans, but not both. The Local Access+ HMO plans have the same benefits as our Access+ HMO plans. The service area for Local Access+ HMO plans in the Benefit Summary Guide (A16609).