Emergencies Only

During an emergency, your employees should call 911 or visit an ER. But when an employee visits the ER for non-emergency care, it increases the cost of health care for everyone. Unnecessary visits to the emergency room raise insurance rates, copayments and deductibles.

Remind your employees about the cost benefits of visiting their doctor's office rather than an emergency room for non-emergencies with the following tips and tools.

Avoiding the ER

Encourage your employees to maintain regular checkups. Annual preventive care helps catch minor problems before they develop into a major health concern.

Employees may not know that one-time treatment costs in the ER for a non-emergency condition can cost five times more than treatment received in their doctor's office.

Savings Tips for Employees

Blue Shield recommends employees start with a checkup with their doctor. During their first checkup, employees should bring a list of questions to ask as well as all the medications currently prescribed. Seeing a doctor for regular visits can help avoid costly trips to the ER.


Tools You Can Use

Use the downloadable materials to help educate employees about the high cost of using the ER for non-emergency care.

Desk-drop 4" x 7"(PDF, 214KB) Check-stuffer 4" x 10"(PDF, 245KB)
Flier 8 1/2" x 11"(PDF, 422KB) Poster 11" x 17"(PDF, 421KB)


Emergencies Only

Change is easy

Educating your employees about the smart ways to save on healthcare costs is easy with any of the materials below.

Desk-drop postcard

Print using a professional printer or send via email.

  • Download and save the file.
    • Take the file to your printer and specify size and paper choice.
  • Copy and save the file as a PDF; then email to your distribution list.


Print yourself or use a professional printer or send via email.

  • Download and save the file.
    • Take the file to your printer and specify 8.5" x 11" and paper choice.
    • Distribute printed pieces directly to your employees.
  • Copy and save the file as PDF; then email to your distribution list.


Provide printed materials to check-processing vendor or request they print them.

  • Download and save the file.
    • Send instructions specifying file name, size and number of check-stuffers to your check-processing vendor.
    • Pre-print professionally and send to vendor to include in paychecks.
    • Insert printed check-stuffers in envelope with paycheck.


Print yourself or use professional printer.

  • Download and save the file.
  • Print yourself (Check to ensure printer can print on 11" x 17" paper).
  • Print professionally: Send instructions to printer, specifying file name, size, paper choice and amount.
  • Place posters in high-traffic areas like break rooms, cafeterias and other places where employees hang out.