Blue Groove Program

A Break-Through Product to Engage Your Employees and Lower Costs

Blue Groove

Health is personal—requiring a new approach to plans that address the unique needs of individuals.

One size doesn’t fit all; instead, you need to give your employees options so they (and their doctors) can better manage their health. Blue Shield has developed a synergistic health plan model that does just that.

Blue Groove combines personalized care support, integrated medical management and member engagement activities that can effectively manage costs immediately and over time.

Blue Groove is one product with three different benefit tiers or “grooves” geared toward individual members’ needs and preferences:

  • Basic Groove provides the basics of a traditional PPO plan with broad network access but at a higher cost, while including access to Blue Shield’s existing health & wellness programs to keep employees healthy;

  • Main Groove is a hybrid PPO/HMO plan that offers richer benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs than the Basic Groove, but with a select network of high-performing providers; this groove also provides a dynamic, personalized online and mobile engagement platform with financial incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle;

  • Care+ Groove is designed for members who need integrated care to manage one of six chronic conditions, such as diabetes or cancer, and directs them to a comprehensive care team that utilizes evidence-based protocols for best-in-class support.

Your employees in the Main Groove and Care+ Groove will likely see a higher benefit value than those that stay in the Basic Groove, but more importantly will become better educated, active participants in their health.

Blue Groove is appropriate for both mid- and large-sized companies and is currently being offered in select service areas. For more details on this product, visit