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Benefits Management Updates

Employer resources for using our benefits management tool

Blue Shield introduced a new benefits management tool in Employer Connection Plus for employers in 2018 and 2019.

Why did we upgrade the tool?

The previous benefits management tool within EC+ was no longer supported by our vendor, and an alternative was needed that integrated with our systems. 

Who will use the new tool?

All Small Business and Core (101-3000 employees) groups that conduct benefits managements through EC+ only will use the new tool. 

To avoid duplicative or conflicting processes, groups that use electronic data interchange (EDI) for benefits management will not have access to benefits management through EC+. Other tools, such as billing or viewing rosters, are not impacted. 

Premier groups (>3000 employees) will not have EC+ access to benefits management. EDI is the preferred method for member benefits management for large groups. Other tools, such as billing or viewing rosters, are not impacted.

Covered California for Small Business (SHOP) groups that do not access benefits management through EC+. 

How can I access the tool?

Log in with the same login and password you always use.

When will groups access the tool?

Groups began accessing the new tool based on renewal dates, beginning July 2018 for some small business groups. Most employer groups started using the new tool in 2019, and the transition was completed in early 2020. 

What is changing?

Some features and functionality used to manage employees’ benefits will be different from what you have experienced using EC+. However, your access to managing your groups – the site and login information – will remain the same.

What can the tool do?

  • Enter new hires, process open enrollment, and manage qualifying event changes
  • Terminate coverage for employees and dependents
  • Change and update employee and dependent demographic information
  • Change employee class or subgroup
  • Generate reports including Employee Detail, Employee Census, Dependent Census, Transaction History, and many more

Some transaction types cannot be submitted through our benefits management tools. More information can be found here.