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HMO plans offer your clients affordable coverage and comprehensive benefits with predictable copayments for office visits. All HMO plans offer clients the freedom to see a specialist without a referral*, and out-of-area coverage for urgent and emergency care through the BlueCard® program.

2024 Summary of Benefits for HMO plans.

  • Access+ HMO plans
    Access+ HMO® plans include our broadest HMO network that includes more than 44,000 physicians and over 325 hospitals and 350 medical groups/IPAs throughout the state.

  • Local Access+ HMO plans
    Local Access+ HMO® plans have the same comprehensive coverage as the comparable full-network Access+ HMO plans, but with a narrow network and lower monthly rates.

  • Trio HMO plans
    We've put our powerful connection to work for your clients to create a family of precision network HMO plans. These plans focus on delivering choice, affordability and coordinated care for your clients and their employees. With this interactive video, find reasons why Trio could be the right choice for your client. 

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The PPO plan family features a progression of plans with different medical deductibles and coinsurance amounts, offering clients a choice of different price points to choose from, within the same plan family.

2024 Summary of Benefits for PPO plans.

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Today, employees expect more. Virtual Blue delivers with anytime, anywhere virtual care, $0 virtual visits, and in-person care when they want it—driving value for businesses of all sizes.

A proven collaborative care model
Virtual Blue integrates quality primary, behavioral, and specialty care in one collaborative care model. Members can get virtual care 24/7 from their virtual care team; for in-person care, they can select providers in California and nationwide PPO networks.

2024 Summary of Benefits for Virtual Blue Plans.


1 Health insurance products are offered by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company. Health plans are offered by Blue Shield of California.