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Account-based health plans (ABHP) are specially designed health plans that can be wrapped with a tax-advantaged account. 

2022 Summary of Benefits for Account-Based Health Plans.

Employer groups who select our integrated model for their ABHPs will have access to online resources and 24/7 customer service – plus a powerful set of additional tools.

When considering our online services for employers and employees, a dedicated ABHP service team, and the variety of plans to choose from, it's easy to see how Blue Shield's programs come together to deliver a comprehensive ABHP platform.

Benefits of account-based health plans accounts

HealthEquity: An integrated model

We are pleased to power our programs with HealthEquity's premier technologies which provide superior customer support, tools and account administration. This relationship delivers simplified account management and online resources to help employers and employees better manage their money for healthcare expenses.

Blue Shield's vendor, HealthEquity*, delivers a 24/7 platform to manage members' tax advantaged accounts, offering a dedicated website for account management so clients can:

Plus Health Equity provides:

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Download our flier to learn about the advantages of pairing a high-deductible health plan from Blue Shield of California with an integrated health savings account from HealthEquity.

To learn more about Blue Shield ABHP compatible health plans and how they can benefit your clients, contact your Blue Shield representative. For additional information and ABHP materials, please visit the Blue Shield/Health Equity resource site at


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2022 Summary of Benefits for EPO plans.

Exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans give members access to network providers in our Full PPO or Tandem PPO network.  Members have the flexibility to see any network doctors and specialists without a referral.  Except for emergencies, EPO plans have no out-of-network benefits.  

1 Health insurance products are offered by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company. Health plans are offered by Blue Shield of California.