Evolving Wellness For Your Clients

Health and wellness programs enhance healthcare coverage by helping to keep healthy employees well and can improve the quality of life for those employees who might have health challenges. Programs focus on prevention, early detection and meaningful interventions – all of which improve cost control and member satisfaction. 

Large Group Resources

Access to affordable care 

Blue Shield of California's Core Accounts is pleased to offer you and your clients the high-value solutions, service, innovation and performance you've come to expect in a health plan provider.  Our "Core Accounts" are defined as those groups with 101 to 1,999 eligible employees. For information on employer groups with 1 to 100 employees please visit the Small Groups page.  

We offer individual access to one of the largest PPO provider networks in California, plus a range of HMO network options. We also offer out-of-state coverage through the BlueCard Program®, plus access to providers in more than 230 countries through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program (formerly known as Blue Card Worldwide®). Through the Blue Distinction Total Care program, we’re part of the nation’s largest network of value-based provider contracting strategies designed to increase efficiency and quality of care and to control costs.

* HMO member out-of-state coverage is limited to emergency and urgent care.