As a reminder, in 2017 the federal government discontinued funding for the Silver Cost Share Reduction (CSR or Enhanced Silver) plans available through Covered California. As a result, starting in 2018, the monthly premium for a Silver plan through Covered California increased to cover the lack of federal funding for cost-sharing subsidies. This increase is also known as the CSR Surcharge. Consumers receiving a premium assistance were not impacted by the CSR Surcharge because they were given additional financial help to pay for the increase (or surcharge).  

Consumers who were not receiving premium assistance were encouraged to purchase the Silver 70 Off Exchange plan, which is nearly identical to the Silver 70 plan available through Covered California, but available at a lower monthly premium (without the CSR Surcharge included). Since premiums for Silver plans through Covered California still include the CSR Surcharge, if you do not qualify for any federal or state premium assistance you may save money by choosing a Silver plan directly from Blue Shield.