By enrolling in either Trio HMO or Tandem PPO*, you’ll get access to Shield Concierge – our personalized and coordinated customer care assistant. One simple phone call connects you to a team of health experts who are ready to answer your health-related questions.

Switching made simple

With enhanced customer service, we help take the stress and hassle out of changing health plans. Shield Concierge can help you:

  • Transfer medical records and prescriptions
  • Find a new doctor or specialist
  • Continue receiving care without interruption 
  • Understand your new benefits 

Meet the Shield Concierge team

Once you’ve enrolled in either Trio or Tandem plans, you’ll have access to a team of customer service representatives and certified healthcare experts through Shield Concierge including:

  • Registered nurses, who can provide health counseling, education, and support
  • Health coaches, who can help you with disease prevention, nutrition, weight management, stress reduction, and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Pharmacy technicians, who can coordinate prescription drugs between doctors and pharmacies and assist with emergency prescription authorizations
  • Pharmacists, who can answer questions about medications, including side effects, drug safety, costs, and treatment options
  • Social workers, who can assess emotional and psychological well-being and provide crisis intervention, substance abuse, and mental health referrals

Watch how Shield Concierge works