Our helpful videos will show you how to set up your online account, understand and access important features of your plan, choose your primary care physician, get care, save on prescriptions, and more.


Understanding your plan

Use your online account to review claims, copays, or deductibles and take advantage of other member
benefits. (Length: 4:29)


Understanding annual healthcare costs

Understanding your annual costs can help you make smart healthcare decisions and save you money.
We break down terms like premiums, copays, deductibles, network providers, and more. (Length: 2:52)


Getting care

Easily find the right doctor or facility and get care when and where you need it. (Length: 4:34)


Understanding your EOB

Understanding your EOB can help you plan ahead for healthcare costs, track your claims, and make sure
you are getting billed the right amount. (Length: 2:11)


Saving on prescriptions

Save money on prescriptions and spend less time at the pharmacy. (Length: 2:58)


Choosing a primary care physician (PCP)

For non-grandfathered PPO members: Understand the importance of having a PCP and how to select the
right one for you. (Length: 4:37)