Our helpful videos will show you how to find or change your doctor or primary care physician, understand and access important features of your plan, learn about all the ways you can get care, and more.


Finding a doctor with your PPO plan

Need to find a doctor or change your primary care physician (PCP)? Here’s how PPO members can use our Find a Doctor tool. (Length: 3:12)


Finding or changing a doctor with your Trio HMO plan

Need to find a doctor or change your PCP? Here’s how Trio HMO members can use our Find a Doctor tool. (Length 2:11)


Understanding your Trio HMO plans

Ready to use your Trio HMO plan? Whether it’s registering your account online, downloading our mobile app or getting help from Shield Concierge, here’s how to get started. (Length 2:40)


Understanding annual healthcare costs

Understanding your annual costs can help you make smart healthcare decisions and save you money.
We break down terms like premiums, copays, deductibles, network providers, and more. (Length: 2:52)


Getting the care you deserve with your plan

We want to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for you to access the care you deserve. Here's how our members can get care through services like NurseHelp 24/7SM, HealTM and Teladoc, as well as save on prescriptions and understand ER (emergency room) vs. urgent care. (Length 3:06)


Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Understanding your EOB can help you plan ahead for healthcare costs, track your claims, and make sure
you are getting billed the right amount. (Length: 2:11)


Sean's story – It's important to get healthcare coverage

Having healthcare coverage enables our member Sean to get the treatments he needs for cancer, so he can focus on what matters most in life. (Length 2:14)


Dave's story – It's important to get preventive care

Taking advantage of preventive care helped our member Dave get the early diagnosis and treatment he needed to become a cancer survivor. Find more information about preventive care and other care options available to members at blueshieldca.com/getcare. (Length 2:04)


Alison's story – It's important not to put off your care

Utilizing her benefits and our resources helped our member Alison easily get the surgery she needed without hassle. (Length 2:04)