Health care for the whole person

By choosing a Total Care provider, you get:

  • Access to preventive care and wellness programs
  • Coordinated care between primary doctor and specialists
  • Ongoing support for chronic conditions
  • Additional outreach for issues such as medication adherence
  • Extended access hours and follow-up calls
  • Personalized support in making decisions about your health care

In addition to the above criteria, Total Care+ providers also demonstrate a history of offering more affordable care. 

What makes a provider Total Care?

Total Care is determined by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. A provider is designated as Total Care based on a variety of criteria:

  • Meeting quality and cost goals
  • Delivering higher quality and affordable care
  • Using analytics to track health data and improve healthcare practices
  • Basing provider payments on performance and patient outcomes, not number of patients

Learn more about Total Care and Total Care+

Find a Total Care provider

Call the customer service number on your Blue Shield member ID card or log in to your online account and use the Total Care filter in your search.