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Daily Challenge

Photo of a healthy young womanDaily Challenge® is for anyone who wants to improve their overall health. Explore a variety of simply challenges in exercise, nutrition, weight-loss, and stress management.

Join the Daily Challenge community and see how friends can help improve your well-being and make health change fun. Earn points, collect stamps, and reach new levels in the program!

This program is available at no additional cost to all Blue Shield members. Follow the steps on the right to start your journey, and see how small actions can add up to big change!

To join the program, create a Wellvolution account and select Daily Challenge.

Wellness discounts

Your wellness is very important to us. To make it easier to take better care of yourself, we offer a wide range of discount programs that can help you save money and get healthier.

Well-being assessment

Well-Being Assessment will give you a complete report with recommendations for improving your health.

If this is your first time accessing Wellvolution, to get started, create a Wellvolution account and complete a comprehensive assessment (be patient!). In less than 10 minutes, you'll get personalized feedback about how to improve your well-being.

If you are already a Wellvolution member, log in, select "Survey" from the drop-down list under your name, and follow steps to complete the assessment.

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Health Tips

Asthma is a treatable, reversible condition that affects more than 25 million people in the United States. Appropriate medication management for patients with asthma reduces the need for rescue medication—as well as ER visits and missed days of work or school. Talk to your doctor about an asthma action plan and take all your prescribed asthma medications.

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