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We updated our look and added features to make finding providers faster and easier. Find a full listing of doctors, medical groups, vision care providers, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and urgent care centers in your area.

Choosing a provider

Just as every doctor has a different style, every patient has different needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the doctor who is right for you.

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Choosing urgent care

If you're expecting an illness or injury that is serious, but not an emergency, consider visiting an urgent care center to receive care that is typically faster and costs less than an emergency room visit.

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Total Care

Total Care doctors offer preventive care and services that promote overall well-being. So you get care for when you’re sick and continuing support to keep you healthy.

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Blue Distinction

The Blue Distinction Center designation is awarded to facilities for demonstrating quality care, treatment expertise, and better overall results in specialty care.

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Continuity of care

Blue Shield of California recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong doctor-patient relationship when people change health plans.

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Blue Shield's network

Our network of doctors and hospitals is designed to meet the needs of our members.

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