Physical activity is an important component of overall well-being. At Blue Shield of California, we offer a variety of options that encourage employees to incorporate exercise into their daily life.

We have onsite fitness centers in our El Dorado Hills, Lodi, Redding and San Francisco offices. Additionally, local gym discounts from 24 Hour Fitness and local fitness centers through Global Fit are available to all employees.

Many locations have developed onsite programs and clubs that support Wellvolution. Programs include cycling, running, walking and hiking clubs and company-sponsored training events.

Blue Shield of California also supports a number of events throughout the year for employees, such as Bike to Work Week, National Walk @ Lunch Day, onsite Wellvolution Expos and Wellvolution Challenge, a fun team-building competition.

Employees incorporate physical activity through out their work day by hosting outside meetings while walking, taking periodic walk and stretch breaks, and scheduling a specific time for workouts.

Blue Shield has an innovative approach to incorporating wellness into employees work day. Several of our locations feature 'Walkstations,' a treadmill complete with a computer workstation and phone, that enables employees to walk and work at the same time.